September 16th - 18th official photographer
Brecks Festival of Food and Drink 2011
The above is a selection from nearly 500 photos over the three days of the festival and the run-up events during the preceding weeks. More can be found here and here
Strattons Hotel

A selection of images including room and food photography as well as special events and cookery demonstrations. More can be found here.
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Swaffham Christmas Lights 2011
November 25th official photographer
The switch on of the town Christmas lights - allowed to lapse for several years but revived by the Swaffham Business Forum. My aim was to try and portray some of the atmosphere with townspeople of all ages taking part and enjoying a true community event - please note smiles are genuine - none of the fake smiles in posed photos used so often by advertisers!
West Lexham Summer Convergence

A convergence of the many people an disciplines that make up the ethos of West Lexham.

“West Lexham is a unique hub for connection, collaboration and learning set in a stunning rural estate and family home. Bringing the rich mix of opportunities and ideas available in cities and towns out into the open space of the countryside.”